Gray Jumper

Recruitment 1
(Nuclear) winter is coming


It is two weeks after the terrorist attack that destroyed the WTC, the White House, and most of the Pentagon. No one knows where president Bush is, but before the White house was hit, he initiated a nuclear attack on the Middle East, which probably resulted in the Middle East being totally wiped out now.

This has left the atmosphere thick with dust, communication has broken down, anarchy has broken out in London where Damian Gray lives, as well as (probably) in most other places.

Damian Gray lives in his own house, which is luckily still standing and not taken over by ravaging gangs. He currently has around a dozen people living with him, who for one reason or another lack another place to go and look to Gray as their “leader”. Due to Gray’s boss’ determination to keep up some sense of stability and civilisation, Gray still has a job to go to, working in a little electronics repair shop downtown. He doesn’t own a car, but between them the inhabitants of his house have a car and three bikes.


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